Equipment Violation ?

The GHSA deemed that a headband worn by a runner at a state championship cross country meet is considered an “equipment violation” and the runner was disqualified.
West Forsyth High School’s John Green was disqualified this past Saturday at the State Championships when the GHSA ruled that his headband which he was an “equipment violation.” The headband contained the bible verse, “Isaiah 40:30” which states “Even youths grow tired and weary. And young men stumble and fall but those who trust the Lord will renew their strength.” Green stated that he had worn that same headband for every race and had never been ruled ineligible until now.
West Forsyth’s head coach, Clayton Tillery, has challenged the GHSA indicating that there is rule regarding a headband as an equipment violation. “The rule simply doesn’t exist,” Tillery said.

GHSA officials said simply that Green was disqualified for an “equipment violation” and would not comment further on the ruling.

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