Introducing the 3% Rule

Buford City BasketballOn Wednesday Dec 18, 2015 the GHSA voted to introduce ta new “three percent rule” when deciding member school’s classifications.  This rule is intended to address the competitive advantage schools with open enrollment have with recruiting students/players.  Schools with open enrollment are usually private schools such as Greater Atlanta Christian and city schools such as Buford City Schools.

This new rule compares the number of students living in the service area of that school (the county) with the number of students living outside that service area.  If more than 3% the students live outside this service area then the school can be bumped up to the next classification.  Because of this rule Buford (with a 17.1% of students living outside the service area) will now be a part of 4A.  Greater Atlanta Christian now becomes 3A due to a 39.7% living outside the service area.

Many schools appealed and were granted waivers to avoid this bump such as Vidalia which had a 8.7%.

Is the fair ?  Due to the number of waivers granted it still seems that this rule could be tweaked to avoid any type of subjective decisions.

Minutes and a listing of all of the new classifications can be found here.

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